About Us

Our first dog came to us in 1986 and after that have dogs become a very important part of my life. My first dog was a shetland sheepdog named Nadisa Urja, but we called him "Urre". He was essentially a pet and a family member but we also trained a little bit obedience and we took part in one dog show too. Urre lived a long and healthy life and we didn´t had to put him on the last journey untill he was almost 15 years old.

After Urre I wanted to have a dog that could be suitable for dogshows and different kind of hobbies for example rescue work, obedience, agility, search, tracking etc. So in the beginning of february 2001 my dream came true and a little collie puppy called Black Sara´s Merry X-mas, "Romeo", came to us. And now, there are six rough collies that lives with us as our familymembers. We have also several collies and two shetlandsheepdogs placed with breedingrights.I have bred several International, National and Junior Show Champions. Some also competes in agility and obedience.

One of our dog is registered Care Dog of Finnish Kennel Club (more info http://www.kennelliitto.fi/en/dogs/care-dogs-brings-joy-and-warmth-to-the-life and several dogs bred by me are visiting nursing homes, war invalids, disabled persons, autistics and mental health rehab clinics as unofficial
Care Dogs.

My affix, Merry Moonray´s was approved for me by the Finnish Kennelclub and FCI (Fédéral Cynologique Internationale) in July 2002. Before that I passed a course for new dogbreeders in winter 2002. During the years 2004 - 2008 I also was secretary of the breeding committee of Finnish Collie Society.I am awarded with the Vuolasvirta Plaque by the Finnish Kennel Club, the highest achievement a breeder can get in Finland.